SYLKA debuts ultra-luxurious NuPashmina

Arguably the most luxurious carpets in the world, our latest range, NuPashmina, is being launched to meet a growing demand for high-quality flooring.

Using our award-winning NuSilk™ luxury fibre technology, NuPashmina has an increased pile weight of over 4,400gm/m² – giving it an incredibly opulent feel underfoot.


NuPashmina is suited to a wide range of applications, from high-end residential properties, boardrooms and luxury retail, to our extensive network of superyacht clients.

Our Founder, Steve Farrell, said: “NuPashmina is like no other carpet available on the market and is the latest culmination of our work to craft the world’s finest luxury flooring. We are really proud of this latest application of our innovative NuSilk™ range.”

Beige Faux Silk Carpet by Sylka Carpets

We are proud of our world-renowned carpets and rugs that grace some of the world’s most exclusive homes, venues and superyachts.


Offering unparalleled luxury, NuPashmina is incredibly soft to the touch while retaining the resilience to be used in higher traffic areas and commercial environments – a feat that many manufacturers struggle to achieve.


Like many of our existing ranges, NuPashmina will be available in various designer-friendly shades and can also be prepared to bespoke specifications and colours where required.


All ranges are stocked in the UK and USA for immediate worldwide distribution.

To find out more about NuPashmina, please speak to our team today.

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