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Our commitment to being an environmentally conscious brand that creates sustainable carpet products is at the top of our priorities, and to carry out environmentally friendly practices is of the highest importance. We are proud to support interior designers in creating beautiful and sumptuous spaces that are not only suited to their clients' needs but also minimise their impact on the environment.

Change needs to come from the top. All manufacturers need to take action to reduce waste destined for landfills, which is why our technical team spent two years in R&D developing EcoSylk®, a new circular sustainable fibre system. EcoSylk® is created by regenerating used carpet fibres, resulting in a fibre indistinguishable from our award-winning NuSilk™. Our products are now all made with EcoSylk; this is our commitment to the planet.”

Steve Farrell
Managing Director, Sylka Carpets

As a manufacturer, we are painfully aware of the extraordinary amount of post-consumer carpet that ends up in landfills every year. In the UK, around 400,000 tons of carpeting goes to landfill, with a further 130,000 tons being incinerated (with this number going up to over 1.8 million tons in the USA).

SYLKA™ Carpets & Rugs was founded in 2010, when we introduced to the market our first ranges made with our NuSilk™ fibre, and was an immediate success, winning many international awards.

In 2020, we took the decision to create a sustainable fibre for a luxury market that wouldn’t have a cost to the Planet. Our team spent almost two years in R&D developing a new sustainable fibre system; we now bring you EcoSylk® - the worlds first circular, regenerated luxury carpet fibre.

Sustainable carpet weaving process

NuSilk™ - EcoSylk®

Sustainable carpet weaving process

EcoSylk® is made entirely from post-consumer carpet waste, doing its part in cleaning up landfills, one carpet at a time. All of our EcoSylk® carpets have the beautiful aesthetic, lustre and softness of pure silk; they are easier to maintain than other organic faux silk products and are extremely durable, making them suitable for even the most demanding luxury commercial projects.

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