Don’t fall foul of these four common carpet cleaning mistakes

If you choose to fit a luxury carpet within your home, office, superyacht or hospitality venue you want to ensure it retains its beautiful lustre for as long as possible.

Choosing a high-end carpet is traditionally thought to be risky if you are concerned about maintenance and cleaning, especially if you go for a product with delicate natural fibres such as viscose or bamboo.


This is why more and more interior designers are using innovative products made with specially crafted micro-fibres, such as our own NuSilk™, which are easy to maintain and more resistant to common issues, such as fibre loss or crushing.


However, even these products, regardless of their resilience, require care and cleaning from time to time. Based on our decades of experience at SYLKA, here are some simple tips to consider:

Beige Faux Silk Carpet by Sylka Carpets

Timing is key

The lasting impact of staining and damage often directly correlates to how quickly a carpet or rug is cleaned. The longer the issue is left to fester, the harder it is to resolve later on.


For example, if you spill red wine, do your best to soak up as much liquid as quickly as possible with kitchen roll or an absorbent cloth.


The longer it is left to soak in and dry out, the harder it will be to remove the stain at a later date.

Don’t overdo it

It’s very tempting to scrub and scrub away at a stain but this will push the contaminants deeper into the pile, making it much harder to remove from fibres. You also run the risk of accidentally spreading the stain further.


Instead, you should look to lift and dab up as much as you can before seeking help from professional a carpet cleaner.

Testing equipment and cleaning solutions

If you do attempt to clean a carpet yourself, rather than seeking expert help as recommended, make sure you test any equipment or cleaning products on a small and discreet area first to make sure it doesn’t do further damage to your carpet.


If misused, cleaning solutions can bleach or fade a carpet and cause irreparable damage, which could require the replacement of part or the entirety of the carpet or rug.

Beige Faux Silk Carpet by Sylka Carpets

Regular care

It may be better to take a ‘little and often’ approach to carpet care. Make sure your floors are regularly vacuumed and schedule professional carpet cleaners once or twice a year to give your home, office or yacht a freshen up.


Some carpets may come pre-treated with a hydrophobic chemical or their fibres may naturally reduce the impact of staining. It is worth exploring what options you can take to further protect your carpets and rugs from damage.


Remember, if you damage or stain your carpet, we highly advise that you seek professional carpet cleaning services to ensure further issues are avoided.


The advice provided above is based on our years of experience, but it is by no means the right method for every spill, stain or damage.

We work with a wide range of carpet cleaning firms and can help to advise you on the best in the business.


However, by choosing our carpets and rugs you should minimise the need for maintenance and have a carpet that is more resilient and easier to clean than many other luxury flooring options.

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