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Proud to be at the forefront of sustainability, we have developed EcoSylk®, the world’s first luxury carpet created from regenerated recycled yarn. It showcases all the award-winning characteristics of our innovative NuSilk™ fibre system, while providing an eco-friendly solution throughout all of our ranges.

“We have been specifying SYLKA™ for various projects for over 3 years. I have been consistently impressed by its stunning good looks and durability. To add to this, it is available in a range of modern, tailored and sophisticated colours, which work across a huge range of schemes, giving you the opportunity to constantly reimagine this beautiful product in so many ways.”

Sarah Cosgrove Studio

Creating nusilk fibre system

About EcoSylk®

Our team spent almost two years in R&D developing a new sustainable fibre system NuSilk™, featuring EcoSylk® - the world’s first circular, regenerated luxury carpet fibre.


EcoSylk® is made entirely from post-consumer carpet waste, doing its part in cleaning up the landfills, one carpet at a time. It is the embodiment of a ‘circular solution’. ensuring that every carpet created not only comes from recycled fibres but are themselves fully recyclable – ensuring no Sylka™ carpet waste ends up in landfill.

The yarn regeneration process separates the three main carpet components: nylon, polypropylene and calcium. The nylon is cleaned and extruded into EcoSylk®, while the polypropylene goes to the automobile industry for injection moulding. Lastly, calcium is used in the building industry to create concrete and plaster, giving every resource a new life and function.

nusilk manufacturing process

However, our commitment to closing the loop on carpet pollution goes beyond creating a recycled and fully recyclable product. Every carpet we produce can be returned to one of our facilities or a pre-arranged collection place at the end of its lifespan so it can be recycled again and again into new products for clients to love and cherish.

nusilk fibre system manufacturing
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