SYLKA™ sets up marine division to handle superyacht projects

Interior designers have long recognised the value of SYLKA carpets and rugs as the ideal flooring for luxury craft.

Now the company is going a step further by launching a specialist marine division, focusing on projects for superyachts and other high specification vessels.


All signs are that the superyacht industry has bounced back from recession and more exciting still is the news that UK boat builders are steadily increasing their share of the world market.


Recent research by Superyacht UK, which is effectively the trade association for the industry, estimated that the sector was worth £492million in 2013/14. This is up over 7.1 per cent on the previous year.

Beige Faux Silk Carpet by Sylka Carpets


The hope is of course that companies such as Sunseeker, based in Poole, and Princess, of Plymouth, will increasingly rival the market leaders in Italy and Holland.


Some projects that SYLKA™ is currently involved in include refitting vessels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Barcelona, and a new-build superyacht in Holland.


Its ability to cope with heavy foot traffic makes SYLKA™ an ideal choice for any private superyacht and our carpets and rugs are particularly appropriate for charter vessels, which require frequent cleaning.

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